+ "I can- I can take care of him, okay? let me take care of him until he's better."

reading all these posts and seeing how much of an impact taylor has made on so many lives is so beautiful. you do so much good to this world taylorswift, i hope you know that.


Dear taylorswift

I just want to start out by saying I know you’ve probably gotten several of these paragraphs over the past few months, and I hope at least one more won’t hurt.

I love you, and I’m positive a part of me always will. No one has made me feel more comfortable being myself and expressing myself, than you have. You have made me unconditionally happy since 2008, since the first time I bought Fearless and introduced me to your wonderful words and melodies (I may have ended up buying several copies due to playing the first too many times). Although I’ve yet to go through my own heartbreak at the hands of a boy, your songs gave me comfort through the loss of family members, friendships and other rough patches my life. Including the realization of my depression and anxiety. You have been my inspiration as a writer, and even as a person, to live despite those obstacles. I can’t express to you how much gratitude I have to have someone in my life who is so unrelentingly honest, and willing to share their life experiences with others in hopes of reaching out to them. Since 2009, I have hoped of having the chance to meet you and telling you how much you mean to me, but even now I feel like this doesn’t even begin to cover the grounds it needs to. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to see you in person, nor go to one your shows, but I still hope I’ll get the chance to. I just wish there was someway I could give to you, the way you’ve given to me.

- Alley

Anonymous said:
no?? well.. i ask you about some pictures of taylor swift (link the original of them)

oh, sure, which ones?

Anonymous said:
please answer me about the pics ):

i never got any message about any pics…………..

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